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Lisa, Broxbourne, 13.10.16

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Reza, Virgina, 15.01.14

“I am delighted to hear from you as I really value your products from an aesthetic point of view but recently I have also been using them in class with my year 8 (age 11) pupils to teach chronology and as a stimulus to independent research in History class. We use them to construct time-lines by hanging them like a washing line across the ceiling and the pupils give a short presentation on the character that they have been given from your range. Your products certainly inspire my pupils, brighten my room and act as a springboard to numerous interesting discussions. I have also purchased many examples as presents for other History teachers and as prizes for selected competitions and rewards for good work in school. I thought you might be interested in how I use your products.  I am not surprised that you do not have to advertise your products speak for themselves.”

Deirdre, Northern Ireland, 07.09.11

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